Local Citation Creation Service

We all know about local citations when we are dealing with any local business. It plays a crucial role in Local SEO. SERPBiz offers affordable local citation building solutions with the manual process. We don't use any automation system here. We go through each citation separately. We check the citation before and if there is no history before we build it. We make sure to distribute the NAP consistently and adequately.

Local citation

A local citation is the top tier link for the local SEO campaign. Listing in the directories gives you the trust, authority, and link juice for SEO. If you have enough time, then you can do it yourself. The problem is if you don’t have a good list. We can find tons of lists via the web but not sure how many are active and working. You have to go through each one to find out the issue. That’s time-consuming. So here we bring this small service to help you out all. 

Features –

  • A good quality list of sites.
  • Indexing assurance.
  • We add a logo, address, phone no, and whatever possible.
  • Fully manual submission and verified report.
  • Provide complete access to work in the future.
  • No risk of penalty.

What we need –

  • Your business name.
  • Business logo.
  • Address
  • Phone no.
  • Email
  • Website URL.
local citation

We will offer the best pricing

15 citation

starting from
$ 10 package
  • Manual Submission
  • Approved List
  • NAP Accuracy
  • Complete Report

20 Citation

starting from
$ 20 Package
  • Manual Submission
  • Approved List
  • NAP Accuracy
  • Complete Report

30 citation

starting from
$ 20 package
  • Manual Submission
  • Approved List
  • NAP Accuracy
  • Complete Report

Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes, when you order any of our local directory submission packages, we will only submit new submissions to local directories.

If your business is already listed on a local directory, we will first check it for accuracy. If it is accurate and already listed, we will find a new high PR directory to list your business. In other words, we will always give you new submissions as promised in our packages, by finding you replacement directories if the usual directories we submit to already have your business listing.

The majority of our listings will be on auto-approve directories. However, when directories only accept approved listings, we cannot fully guarantee that your submission will result in a listing. While our live listing rates are very, very impressive (80%), we cannot provide a 100% guarantee about submissions becoming listings, especially on manually approved local directory listings.

About 80% of our submissions will become live listings? In many cases, it will be much higher.

Yes, you just need to contact with our support team and explain your requirement.

There are many factors that go into how we choose our directory database. First off, we check to see if the directory is a High authority directory as that is one of our basic requirements in choosing a local directory.